Euroo Pimple Clear
Euroo Pimple Clear
Euroo Pimple Clear

Pimple Clear


Advance Technology in Pimple Treatment that Treats Light to Moderate Inflammatory Acne


  • Uses two advanced technologies in pimple treatmentGentle and light heat 42⁰C or 107⁰F; Special Blue Ray Light (wave length 415nm)

  • Treats mild to moderate inflammatory acne

  • Suitable for young and adults

  • Hand-held battery powered device

  • Sleek and compact

  • Best used to new pimple/acne

  • Use the latest LED technology to touch the core of breakouts and give you clear radiant skin in just a few minutes a day!

  • LED Light technology targets the bacteria causing acne getting to the core of the breakout

  • The precisely set heat probe helps to open the blocked pore and assists any built up waste to expel with ease

  • Helps to prevent scarring and pigmentation caused by damage

  • Safe, Effective and Affordable

  • Net weight: 85g